Dinosaurs weighed less than previously thought

This video is called Types of Dinosaurs : Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Facts.

By Jennifer Viegas:

Dinosaurs Skinnier Than Previously Thought

The discovery may change the way we imagine and depict dinosaurs.


A new method for measuring the weight and size of dinosaurs has found that these animals weighed less than previously estimated.

A huge Brachiosaur, once thought to weigh 176,370 pounds, is now believed to have weighed 50,706 pounds.

The researchers believe all dinosaurs were lighter than once believed.

Dinosaurs were often hefty, but not as plump as previously thought.

A new study describes a new technique used to measure the weight and size of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. It could forever change museum exhibits, book illustrations, and other recreations of these now-extinct species. The study appears in the latest issue of Biology Letters.

“This is a huge help for any sort of reconstruction,” lead author William Sellers told Discovery News. “We now have a number that suggests how much flesh to add to the bones and that should help people produce animals that are the right balance of too fat or too thin.”

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