Israelis say Netanyahu, get out

This video is called Tens of Thousands in Israel Protest Rising Prices.

By Tom Mellen:

Thousands tell Israeli PM to go

Sunday 03 June 2012

Thousands of Israelis rallied against the Netanyahu government in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa on Saturday.

They demanded that right-wing PM Benjamin Netanyahu and his administration step down, charging that they have failed to deliver on promises to improve social services and infrastructure and rein in the soaring cost of living.

Many carried placards reading: “Peace requires social justice” and “When the government is against the people, the people are against the government.”

The protests were called by the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality, or Hadash, which helped organise the sustained mass social justice protests that rocked Israeli cities last summer.

Haifa Hadash activist Raja Za’tara said that little has changed since then, despite pledges from Mr Netanyahu.

Mr Za’tara accused the government of scapegoating vulnerable or minority communities to deflect pressure for progressive change. “Refugees and infiltrators, haredim (ultra-Orthodox Jews) and Arabs – all are guilty, except the rule of capital.

“We say that the biggest threat to society is first and foremost the Israeli government.”

Speaking at the Tel Aviv rally, Hadash MP Dov Hanin said: “We are not asking anything from Netanyahu.

“Our protests will not end as long as he and his administration are in power.”

Hadash activists distributed leaflets which called on people to unite “against attempts to lead us to war against external enemies, or search and pursue ‘internal enemies.’

“Social justice requires a just peace based on two states for two peoples, a green line as a border of peace, two capitals in Jerusalem and a just resolution of the refugee problem.”

10 thoughts on “Israelis say Netanyahu, get out

    • The protests against Netanyahu’s economic policies were/are in terms of proportion of the population, among the biggest in the Middle East. If the Rightist government policies become less credible on this issue, they become less credible on other issues as well.


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