9 thoughts on “United States wars, wars on the environment

  1. I agree that armies and the military cause extensive environmental damage. However, I doubt that the US Military is the largest polluter. I consulted with a firm that designed a robot that could go into abandoned weapons caches to remove old rusting shells and other forms of ordinance. Their largest business opportunity was in the former Soviet Republic. The environmental damage caused by the Soviet Bloc is staggering. You just don’t read about it because the Russian press has been muzzled.


    • Hi Richard, I agree with you that the armed forces, formerly of the Soviet Union, now of the Russian Federation, have caused and still cause much environmental damage.

      However, is that more than what the US armed forces did and do? If one presumes that there is roughly a correlation between military expenses and military environmental damage, then one should know

      “The USA’s military spending accounted for 41 per cent of the world total in 2011, followed by China with 8.2 per cent, Russia with 4.1%”.



      So, Russian military expenses are about a tenth of US military expenses. Let us presume for the sake of argument that the Russian armed forces pollute twice as much per dollar expended than their US counterparts. That would still make total US military pollution five times more than Russian military pollution.


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