Spanish artist’s religious persecution for 34-year-old film

This video says about itself:

In this video, musician Fermin Muguruza sings in the Basque language — a language which was forbidden in Spain during Franco’s regime. In this interview Fermin Muguruza speaks about his personal experiences with music censorship in Spain: Its mechanisms, its impact on the artist, and the authorities’ fear of what music can do.

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Spanish artist faces prison over ‘how to cook Christ’ film

Javier Krahe prosecuted for ‘offending religious feelings’ after 1978 short film was broadcast on Spanish TV

A leading Spanish artist faces up to a year in prison after being prosecuted for “offending religious feelings” in relation to a short film he made more than 30 years ago that claimed to show “how to cook Jesus Christ”.

Javier Krahe, who has been a popular and provocative figure in Spain for nearly half a century, made the film in 1978 but it was only shown on Spanish TV in 2004 as a backdrop to an interview with its creator. The little-known charge – comparable with but not identical to Britain’s blasphemy law, remains part of the penal code despite never having been applied before in Spanish legal history.

Krahe’s 54-second film uses the tone of a cooking programme, with chefs advised to remove Jesus’ nails and separate him from his crucifix, which should be left to one side. Christ’s tiny white body – a small figurine is used – is then shown being washed, lightly smothered in butter, placed on a bed of aromatic herbs in a glass tray and popped into an oven. “One gaunt Christ” is apparently enough to feed two, and when the dish is ready (after three days) it miraculously emerges from the oven without assistance.

There have been two previous failed attempts to prosecute Krahe, who is currently on bail for €192,000 (£153,000). The latest prosecution is the result of a court action by the Catholic legal association the Centro Juridico Tomas Moro.

That Roman Catholic center, now persecuting an artist because of free speech, should think more about the Roman Catholic saint, Sir Thomas More from whom they derive their name. Thomas More (like in his famous book Utopia) criticized absolute monarchy, the death penalty, etc. Because of that free speech, the would-be absolute monarch of England persecuted him, and ultimately had him beheaded.

“How do you show that someone’s religious feelings have been hurt?” Krahe told El Pais newspaper, adding that he considers the prosecution to be absurd. “I’m accused of a series of things that I haven’t done. I don’t appear on television cooking Christ, and I haven’t ever used these images [in a performance].” His supporters say freedom of speech laws should be changed to allow room for blasphemy.

Krahe is due to appear in Madrid’s regional court, where statements from witnesses in the case are due to be heard on Monday.

From Iberosphere:

Spain still doesn’t understand the separation of Church and State

Comedian Leo Bassi is facing legal charges for performing a show that made fun of the Pope and Catholic Church. His provocative pranks have once again brought out the ugly side of Spanish justice and the wrath of the far right.

By Nick Lyne

Pedophile priests who will never see the inside of a court, child robbers at large, unpunished crimes from the Franco era, corrupt politicians at all levels and in most parties, a banking system in cahoots with construction companies that has dragged the economy into ruin… Meanwhile a provincial court in Valladolid, seemingly unaware of the Spanish Constitution’s guarantee of freedom of expression nearly four decades after the death of the dictator, has hauled comedian Leo Bassi up before a judge to answer charges of “offending religious feelings, slander, and libel.”

Eyewitness Spain: Bank crisis fuels the rage against a rotten system: here.

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    Eight miners are staging a protest underground in a well in Santa Cruz del Sil, Castilla y Leon.


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