British government sends raped refugees back

This video from the USA is called Refugee Women’s Alliance – Refugee & Immigrant Legislative Day – Olympia, WA.

By Paddy McGuffin in Britain:

Britain refuses to help raped refugees

Monday 28 May 2012

Britain is turning away hundreds of rape victims who have fled their countries in search of asylum, researchers said on Monday.

A shocking new study by Women For Refugee Women suggests that almost half of women seeking asylum in Britain have been raped in their home countries. Most of them have their applications rejected.

Three-quarters of those who were told to go back home said officials hadn’t believed them, suggesting a “culture of disbelief.”

Of these women, two in three were left destitute and more than half had thought about killing themselves.

The research, carried out in London, Manchester, Bradford, Cardiff, Stoke-on-Trent, Newport and Glasgow, found that most of the 70 women quizzed had experienced serious human rights abuses, including rape, imprisonment, violence from soldiers or police, forced marriage and forced prostitution.

Women For Refugee Women director Natasha Walter said: “These findings suggest that every year hundreds of women who have survived rape and abuse are refused asylum and experience destitution, detention and despair in this country.

“We are asking the government to note the growing concern about this issue and reform the asylum process to make it more responsive to women’s needs.”

The charity’s report – Refused: the experiences of women denied asylum in the UK – described the effects of destitution on the women as particularly striking.

Philippe Sands QC, law professor at University College London, said: “This report paints a shameful picture about asylum practices and the treatment of women seeking refuge in the UK from serious human rights abuses and persecution.

“It should be read and re-read and then used to press for immediate and far-reaching changes to restore this country’s role in promoting the rule of law and protecting those who are vulnerable and threatened.”

Poor standards persist across Europe for women seeking asylum: here.

Britain: A detained asylum seeker died after being denied medical attention following a heart attack, an inquest has heard: here.

How many children secretly deported under UK Border Agency’s Gentleman’s Agreement? Here.

Lawyers representing a Nigerian woman who would be denied life-saving medical treatment if deported have won an injunction against her imminent removal: here.

Refugee speaks out: ‘Asylum seekers are people too’: here.

Scotland’s handing of asylum-seekers’ homes to privateers is an out-and-out scandal, church leaders and union organisers said today: here.

Britain: Cops target more black people… but they don’t investigate rape: here.

European Union member states care more about bolstering the bloc’s borders than saving the lives of vulnerable asylum-seekers, Amnesty charged in a new report released today: here.

Australia: ASIO assessments condemn refugees to indefinite detention: here.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s flagship current affairs television program “Four Corners” on Monday featured what it billed as an exposé of refugee “people smugglers” operating in Australia. The broadcast was a filthy exercise in yellow journalism, aimed at fuelling anti-immigrant prejudice and creating a climate for the Labor government to enact further repressive laws targeting asylum seekers: here.

USA: House GOP Blocking Abortion Access for Raped Soldiers: here.

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