US Baptist preacher wants gays in concentration camps

This video from the USA is called Pastor Says Kill Gays & Lesbians in Electrified Pen.

By Justin “Filthy Liberal Scum” Rosario in the USA:

Homosexual Final Solution: Pastor Wants Homosexuals Put Into Concentration Camps (VIDEO)

May 21, 2012

If hate had a voice and a face, it might just look and sound like Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church. Located in Maiden, North Carolina, Worley, who I will not refer to as “Pastor” because he is unworthy of that title, gave a sermon in which he railed against President Obama’s “coming out” in favor of same-sex marriage. The anger and loathing was palpable:

“I ain’t gonna vote for a baby killer and a homosexual lover! You said “did you mean to say that?” You better believe I did! God have mercy! It makes me pukin’ sick to think about…I don’t even whether to say this in the pulpit or not…can you imagine kissing some man?”

But the worst part was a minute earlier when Worley unveiled his master plan to rid the world of The Gay:

“Build a great, big, large fence…150 or 100 mile long…put all the lesbians in there, fly over and drop some food. Do the same thing for the queers and the homosexuals (Is there some difference I’m unaware of? – FLS) and have that fence electrified so they can’t get out… feed’em and you know what? In a few years, they’ll die out… do you know why? They can’t reproduce!”

Sound familiar? It should. The Nazis had the same idea for the Jews. They called it The Final Solution. Round up all the “undesirables” which were predominantly Jews but also included homosexuals, Negroes and Gypsies (among others) and put them into camps with fences. Then starve them, then just kill them. Does that sound like I’m exaggerating Worley’s hate? May I remind you that the Nazis did not start off with genocide? It was a gradual escalation of atrocity. First it was deportation, then isolation in ghettos, then concentration camps and then mass murder.

North Carolina’s GOP Wants to Protect You From Discrimination–Except if You’re Gay: here.

18 thoughts on “US Baptist preacher wants gays in concentration camps

  1. The Fight against Racism & Fascism is NOT a Crime!

    Support the Tinley Park Five! Build Solidarity!

    Pack the Courtroom, June 12!

    On May 19 – one day before 15,000 anti-NATO protesters took to the streets of downtown Chicago – 18 anti-racist activists allegedly disrupted an “economic summit” held by members of the Illinois European Heritage Association (IEHA) at a restaurant in Tinley Park, a Chicago suburb.

    The IEHA, along with Stormfront, the “Nationalist Socialist Movement” and other KKK types belonging to the “Pioneer Little Europe (PLE) movement,” seeks “to establish mutually supportive white supremacist enclaves throughout the United States,” according to the Anti-Defamation League website. According to the ADL, Stormfront has a worldwide forum in various languages with “over 6 million posts, 490,000 discussion threads, and 170,000 members.”

    While the Department of Homeland Security, the Chicago police and other federal, state and local agencies were working overtime to wiretap, arrest and spy on anti-NATO activists, they allowed neo-fascists who openly promote the extermination of people of color and Jewish people to meet publicly in a restaurant.

    Five of the anti-racists from Indiana were arrested on May 19. They have become known as the Tinley Park Five. Jason W. Sutherland, Cody L. Sutherland, Dylan J. Sutherland, Alex R. Stuck and John S. Tucker are currently imprisoned in Cook County Jail in Chicago. The Five, who are white, are facing major felony charges, including “mob action, criminal damage to property and aggravated battery.” The bond is $175,000 each for three of the defendants, $200,000 for another and $250,000 for the other. Another 13 others allegedly involved in the incident are being sought by the police.

    The Five are scheduled to have a 9 a.m. hearing on Tuesday, June12, at the Bridgeview Courthouse, 10220 S. 76th Ave., Bridgeview, Ill. Conscious anti-racist, anti-fascist activists are urged to pack the courtroom to show their solidarity. Hoosiers Anti-Racist Movement/”Indiana Antifa Support” wants to send a strong message to the movement that one of the main goals of packing the courtroom is to allow family members to have a crowd to blend into, since there is a possibility of retaliation from white supremacists, including death threats simply for attending the hearing. HARM requests that supporters not disrupt the courtroom proceedings, for similar reasons. For more information on the court hearing for the Tinley Park Five and ways to show your support, go to

    The media has attempted to violence-bait and demonize the Five in order to divert attention away from the real terrorists – the IEHA and other white supremacist terrorists who hide behind the First Amendment to openly call for racist genocide. One of the IEHA members had been arrested on May 19 for illegally possessing a firearm in his car near the restaurant. His bond was only $25,000!

    The International Action Center is urging all progressives to stand in solidarity with the Five on June 12 by attending the court hearing in Bridgeview or calling a solidarity action in your area for the Five on that day. Let’s not allow the media, the police and the government to politically isolate the Five. Such isolation only serves to weaken our movement and the struggle for social justice.

    No matter how one views whether and when to use militant tactics, the Tinley Park Five had the political right to carry out a preemptive strike to help expose the real danger that divide-and-conquer, fascistic extremist groups pose to the movement and the masses here and worldwide.

    The IAC will be sending a delegation from Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago and New York to the June 12 court hearing to stand in solidarity with the Tinley Park Five


  2. Church criticised for refusing black couple

    UNITED STATES: Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant has called the refusal of a church to marry a black couple “very disappointing.”

    Charles and Te’Andrea Wilson were refused a ceremony at First Baptist Church in Crystal Springs after churchgoers complained to the pastor that black people should not be permitted to marry there.

    Mr Bryant said: “I want any couple that wants to to go get married,” but quickly backtracked when asked if that included same-sex couples, adding: “I wouldn’t say gay couples, no.”


  3. Wow!! Need to look at this one more closely. Thanks for opening my eyes & increasing my knowledge!! See? ….. there’s a reason for the “net” and the bloggers …. Knowledge and education. THX … 🙂


  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    He calls himself a Christian and is a pastor. Can you catch his accent? May explain it all. LGBTs can’t reproduce, so they will eventually die out if placed in “concentration” camps! Tax exempt? For this? Encourage you to take a look …. Worth it!!


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