Tortured refugees in British jails

This video says about itself:

Iraqi Refugee Describes Ongoing Torture of Husband, Imprisonment of Husband Who Returned to Iraq to Free Jailed Son

Rabiha al Qassab, a British Iraqi woman who lives in London, describes the harrowing story of her husband, Ramze Shihab Ahmed. Having fled in 1998 after being accused of trying to overthrow Saddam Hussein, Ramze returned to Iraq last year to get his son out of prison. He, too, was arrested and was tortured. Like 30,000 other Iraqis, he and his son are being held without charge.

By Paddy McGuffin in Britain:

Detention sites ‘break torture victim rules’

Wednesday 23 May 2012

Victims of torture are routinely being held in British immigration detention centres in breach of the government’s own rules, a new investigation has revealed.

The study by Medical Justice highlights the cases of 50 individuals who were detained despite medical evidence they had been tortured.

Under Rule 35 of the Detention Centre Rules 2001 medical practitioners in immigration removal centres must report any individual they are concerned may have been a victim of torture.

The UK Borders Agency (UKBA) must then review the appropriateness of detention.

Policy guidance and legislation make clear that people who have independent evidence of torture should be released except in very exceptional circumstances.

All but two of the 50 cases highlighted by Medical Justice have since been released, and 14 have been granted leave to remain in Britain.

Two of the 50 were forcibly returned to their countries of origin and endured torture for a second time, Medical Justice said.

Both managed to flee again, claimed asylum for a second time and were again detained in Britain.

The investigation details a catalogue of errors including mismanagement of detainees’ healthcare, poor record-keeping and report writing by unqualified people.

It accused UKBA of “an inability to interpret medical evidence, a culture of denial and a misunderstanding about the legal standard of proof.”

Report author Natasha Tsangarides said: “UKBA and their contractors must be brought to account.

“That they can treat some of the most vulnerable individuals in this way and behind closed doors is a disgrace.

“All we ask for is that the government implements its own policy.”

Labour MP John McDonnell said: “It’s scandalous that victims of torture who have fled to this country for safety are experiencing further suffering and hardship at the hands of our system.

“The special rules introduced to protect victims of torture are clearly not working and we need urgent government action to address this issue.”

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