Protest against Boeing war profiteers

This video from the USA is called NATO Chicago Boeing Rally.

Boeing HQ Shut Down by Anti-NATO Summit Protesters to Cap Week of Action. Yana Kunichoff, Truthout in the USA: “On Monday, May 21, the streets in front of Boeing‘s corporate headquarters were eerily similar to those in other countries where Boeing operates its defense business: bodies lying immobile on the ground, armed law enforcement ready to bring out reinforcements and the constant shuttering of media paraphernalia. But the scene wasn’t taking place in Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya. The bodies on the ground were in downtown Chicago, part of a ‘die-in’ and protest outside of the defense contractor‘s office as part of the week of action against the NATO summit coming to Chicago, and joined by several hundred police officers that were part of the beefed-up enforcement around protests during the summit”: here.

In a sign of the growing mood of resistance in the working class, Boeing workers in the US states of Washington and Oregon Wednesday resoundingly defeated an eight-year contract extension demanded by corporate executives, the union and state politicians: here.

Boeing Dreamliners found with ‘hairline cracks’ on wings: here.

Drone Attacks Can’t Save the G8’s Bacon. Nick Mottern, Truthout: “Many of the G8 countries – comprised of France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and Russia – are former colonial powers that have thrived by capturing at gunpoint basic mineral, petroleum and agriculture resources around the world, paying relatively little and thus subsidizing their corporations and their national economies. Right now, the G8 interest in Afghanistan is undoubtedly related to investment potential in minerals, as well as overland routes for oil, gas and electric lines”: here.

Has the FBI Launched a War of Entrapment Against the Occupy Movement?
Arun Gupta, AlterNet: “With the high-profile arrest of activists on terrorism charges in Cleveland on May Day and in Chicago during the NATO summit there, evidence is mounting that the FBI is unleashing the same methods of entrapment against the Occupy Wall Street movement that it has used against left movements and Muslim-Americans for the last decade. Will Potter, who analyzes FBI entrapment plots in his book Green is the New Red, says … ‘There have been many other cases like these in which the FBI had a role in manufacturing the plot itself'”: here.

US veteran: Why I Threw Back My “Global War on Terror” Medal: here.

Is This What Democracy Looks Like? Reflections on Chicago. Molly Knefel, Truthout: “But while we may not be a totalitarian regime, the numerous incidents of police repression surrounding the NATO protests highlighted specific, tangible and important ways in which we do not resemble a truly free country…. It is the nonviolent protest that is condemned as violent; people leave the crowd covered in blood as the ones holding the batons are credited with keeping things peaceful. The question is not necessarily, ‘Is this what a police state looks like?’ but rather, ‘Is this what a democracy looks like?'” Here.

Laura Flanders, The Nation: “Don’t take your eyes off Chicago yet. The NATO protests may be over, but city politics are heating up. Chicago’s Public School teachers are negotiating a new contract, and an impasse could lead to the first teachers strike in the city since 1987. The target of the teachers’ ire is Mayor Rahm Emanuel and a regimen of change that dates back to the days of now Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan. A strike before November? Teachers say they are ready for it”: here.

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