12 thoughts on “Italian earthquake victims boo Mr Austerity Monti

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  2. Italian quake toll reaches 17

    Wednesday 30 May 2012

    Rescue crews removed the last body of a worker buried beneath a collapsed factory on Wednesday, bringing the death toll in the second deadly quake to hit Italy’s Emilia region to 17.

    Tuesday’s magnitude 5.8 quake felled old buildings along with new factories and warehouses in a swathe of Italy north of Bologna, which was still recovering from a stronger quake nine days earlier.

    That quake measured 6.0 and killed seven, mostly workers.

    Crews on Wednesday pulled the last body from the rubble of a factory in Medolla. Three others also died in the structure.

    Civil Protection authorities in Rome say no one else is known to be missing.

    The quake dealt another blow to one of the country’s most productive regions at a time when Italy is struggling to restart its anaemic economy.

    The area encompassing the cities of Modena, Mantua and Bologna is prized for its car and machine tool factories, as well as Parmesan cheese.


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