Good spoonbill nesting season

This video from Texel island is called Eurasian spoonbill feeding in shallow water.

Translated from wildlife ranger Erik van der Spek, on Texel island, the Netherlands:

Things go well again for the spoonbills on Texel

Posted on May 22, 2012

This year, again many spoonbills breed on Texel. The largest colony is found in the National Park Dunes of Texel in De Geul, just like last year, about 400 couples. This is the largest colony of the Netherlands. In the Muy nature reserve this year there are 64 breeding pairs, the highest number since 1964. So, the birds appreciated that last winter the Forestry Commission had cut down some willows on higher places in the thickets. In the Schorren nature reserve there are at least about 60 pairs but there are still new breeding pairs arriving. So, in Texel certainly more than 530 pairs of spoonbills are nesting again.

Seeing spoonbills

The spoonbills were counted by the Forestry Commission, basing itself on aerial photographs because the swampy sites are not approachable without too much disturbance. Some nests are in and under trees, so probably a number of nests have been missed. …

In Western Europe (from Portugal to Denmark) last year 4609 spoonbill couples nested. In the separate Eastern European population, that was 1120 couples. More information about spoonbills can be found at, observations for this website may also be published there.

Webcam at spoonbill nest in the Schorren reserve: here.

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