Chicago NATO protests and repression

This video from the USA is called Opposing NATO in Chicago May 20, 2012.

Occupy Movement Wins Spate of Legal Battles, but Faces New Challenges Ahead as “NATO 3” Face Terrorism Charges. J.A. Myerson, Truthout in the USA: “Three activists have been charged with ‘possession of incendiary or explosive device, conspiracy to commit terrorism & providing material support for terrorism,’ which seems to mean ‘beer-making equipment’. The ‘NATO 3’ were among nine activists abducted by police in a nighttime raid and disappeared for a number of hours. The three activists had previously posted a video of Chicago Police intimidating and threatening them with physical violence while they searched the protesters’ vehicle”: here.

The NATO Raids and Arrests: This Is What Jail Solidarity Looks Like. Yana Kunichoff, Truthout: “Only a few hours after they were released from hours in solitary confinement, a few of the activist arrested in a Wednesday evening raid on a Chicago home were happy to be eating something that wasn’t a baloney sandwich. [One activist] said ‘I had to go to the bathroom in shackles. I felt like I was in Gitmo.’ [Another said] ‘I didn’t know what time of day it was … That’s what solitary confinement is for, it’s torture'”: here.

Why Protest NATO? Sam Jewler, Truthout: “In many ways, Afghanistan is worse off under NATO’s Groundhog Day-like reign of terror than it was before…. Civilian deaths have become a hallmark of NATO interventions, in which forces rely on so-called precise aerial campaigns so as not to risk their own soldiers’ lives. Even in the Balkans, NATO’s first and signature so-called ‘humanitarian war,’ it’s estimated that there were thousands of civilian deaths and that tens of billions of dollars worth of damage was done”: here.

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the Most Expensive Weapon Ever. Ben Freeman, Truthout: “Tom Cruise steps onto the tarmac … and the fighter plane he’s getting into is the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) – the most expensive weapon ever, which is slated to be the mainstay of the US Navy, the Air Force and the Marine Corps. The entire program is now expected to cost taxpayers nearly $1.51 trillion; that’s more than any weapon in history”: here.

The jail terms imposed on three young men arrested at an anti-NATO protest in 2012 are an outrageous and reactionary attack on democratic rights: here.

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