Solar eclipse in western USA

This video is called ScienceCasts: Solar Eclipse in the USA.

From eNature blog in the USA:

Don’t Miss This Sunday’s Solar Eclipse

Posted on Friday, May 18, 2012 by eNature

This Sunday will bring the first solar eclipse visible in the continental US in 18 years.

Unfortunately, it will only be visible in the Western and Southwestern US towards the end of the day.

But those of us in the Eastern US and other regions can watch courtesy of the SLOOH Space Camera.

A Two Day Eclipse?

The eclipse will begin on Monday, May 21 in eastern China, run through Japan, curve toward the Aleutian Islands, cross the International Date Line (that why it starts on Monday!), and then end Sunday evening just before sunset, in the western and southwestern United States.

The full eclipse will be visible along a swath about 185 miles wide running from Medford, Oregon to Lubbock, Texas. The rest of us who can see the eclipse will have to enjoy a partial one.

The video above, from NASA, has a great explanation of what’s going on in the sky during an eclipse.

So if you’re in the Western US, get out and enjoy the event—but remember not to look directly at the sun!

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