Haarlem poetry festival

This is a video about the Haarlem poetry festival in the Netherlands in 2011.

This year, 17 May 2012, there was a festival as well.

It was at six places near the inner city central market square, where the medieval main church is.

Haarlem, 17 May 2012, near the medieval main church

The official opening of the festival was by the two poets Rick de Leeuw and Erik Jan Harmens; reading from their new poetry book which they had published together.

Rick de Leeuw and Erik Jan Hermens reading their poetry, Haarlem, 17 May 2012

There were a hundred poets participating. Including yours truly. I read some poems of mine twice.

The first time was on the street before the Koops pub.

The first poet there was Maarten Willems. Also a singer-songwriter, he sang a few songs as well.

Then Jos Zuijderwijk. His poems included one on birds’ songs (including wheatears and shrikes).

Jack Terrible, Haarlem, 17 May 2012

Third was Jack Terrible. All his poems this time were about psychology and psychiatry, and his bad experiences with them.

Then, me, with poems on the Dutch government, insects, and other subjects.

Audience in Haarlem, 17 May 2012, while I read my poems

Then, Harry Aukes from IJmuiden.

Then, Dick van Hoeve from Bergen.

Finally, Jando (stage name of Jan de Dood). His poems included one about anabolic steroids.

Then, to the Waag building to hear other poets.

Mirjam Al had a poem against the Greek “Golden Dawn” nazis.

Mirjam Bros had one on great crested grebes.

Then, to the archaeological museum. There was my second time to read my poems.

Til Schaap reading a poem, archaeological museum, Haarlem, 17 May 2012

One poem by Til Schaap was about bankers’ bonuses.

Ex-nurse Liesbeth de Kat had poems about Auschwitz. Ex-homeless bicycle repairman Michel Fakkeldij had poems on homelessness.


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