Gloucestershire avocet chicks, first time ever

This is a video of an avocet with chicks.

From Wildlife Extra:

Avocets breed at Slimbridge for the first time in recent history

Avocets breed in Gloucestershire for the first time on record

May 2012. Conservationists are celebrating after an iconic bird has bred in Gloucestershire for the first time on record. A pair of avocets has bred at WWT Slimbridge and two of their young have just hatched, with a further egg potentially hatching.

The wading bird was extinct in Britain for a long time due to habitat destruction and persecution by skin and egg collectors. However, soon after World War II they started breeding on reclaimed land near the Wash, which was returned to marshland to create difficulties for German invaders. Since that point numbers have slowly recovered in the UK but this is the first time they have bred in Gloucestershire in recent history.

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