Greece will vote again

This video is called Greeks rally against austerity cuts.

By Tom Mellen:

Greek coalition talks break down

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Greek social democrat leader Evangelos Venizelos announced today that Greece will hold fresh elections.

After nine days of fruitless coalition talks the Pasok chief said: “The country is heading toward elections under adverse conditions.”

The new vote is expected to be held next month.

In May 6 elections Greek citizens gave more than 60 per cent of the vote to parties that campaigned against the hated 2010 EU-IMF-Central Bank loans-for-austerity deal.

Pasok and New Democracy, which signed up to the agreement, saw their combined share of the vote plummet from 77 to 33 per cent.

Support for the left is growing as new elections loom.

A poll published on Monday indicated that the far-left Syriza coalition had 20.5 per cent of public support, compared with 19.4 per cent for the right-wing New Democracy and 11.8 per cent for Pasok.

The prospect of a Syriza triumph at the ballot box sparked fears in Brussels that the country will stop implementing the cuts and privatisations under the 2010 deal.

The so-called troika is currently pressuring Greek politicians to plan €14.5 billion (£11.5bn) worth of additional cuts for 2013-14.

But popular anger at the anti-social impact of the cuts is rising.

Thousands took to the streets of Athens on Monday for a Communist Party of Greece (KKE) rally demanding that Greece pull out of the the eurozone.

KKE general secretary Aleka Papariga (pictured), whose party won 8.5 per cent on May 6, called for fresh elections and urged citizens to vote Communist.

“Compromises suggested by other forces requires unending heavy and unnecessary sacrifices – with no positive outlook for the people,” Ms Papariga argued.

“The only government that can face up to the demands of the crisis and meet people’s needs is one that unilaterally cancels the debt, terminates and reverses the EU-IMF loan agreement, and frees Greece from the EU,” she insisted.

Ms Papariga said that such a government would “socialise the main means of production and implement scientific central planning of the economy.”

‘We will defy the bankers’ – Greek workers speak out: here.

As new Socialist President Francois Hollande advances up the Champs Elysees and the Greek fight against austerity continues it’s tempting to hope for better things. But that temptation has to be tempered with a realisation of the sheer enormity of the beast that is our common enemy: here.

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