Cranes in England

This video from England is called WWT Slimbridge: Common Cranes.

From Wildlife Extra:

Wild cranes feeding at Slimbridge

Wild cranes return to their motherland

May 2012. It was a case of the old welcoming the new when adult wild cranes flew back to WWT Slimbridge.

Reared at SLimbridge

The four birds were reared at Slimbridge in 2010 and 2011 before being released into the wild on the Somerset levels as part of the Great Crane Project. The birds flew directly over the Slimbridge Crane School, where they were reared as youngsters. It is the first time any of the Somerset cranes have returned to Slimbridge.

The cranes spent most of the weekend feeding on the Reserve at Slimbridge, sleeping each evening on the saltmarsh on the banks of the river Severn.

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