British transport workers support Greek workers

This video freom the USA is called February 17, 2012: Occupy San Francisco Greek Solidarity Rally Part 1/4.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Union declares Greek solidarity

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Chrissie Barrell (London Metropolitan) moved a successful motion urging TSSA support for the Greece Solidarity Campaign set up by the Coalition of Resistance.

Ms Barrell said that pensions in Greece had been halved and medicines withdrawn from national health provision, being available only on private prescription.

She described the desperate anti-government protest of a 77-year-old diabetic pensioner in Athens who committed public suicide after his drugs were withdrawn.

Rame Alia (Network Rail North London) exposed the role of the European Union in Greece’s problems, looking forward to “the question of EU membership” becoming an issue in Britain.

Our brothers and sisters in Greece are demanding to know where the money went,” he said.

General secretary Manual Cortes said that the issue went further than the EU, describing a worldwide “capitalist counter-revolution trying to take back all the gains made by working people since the second world war.”

Conference resolved earlier to affiliate TSSA to the Coalition of Resistance.

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