Breivik supporters threaten Iraqi refugee, massacre witness

This video from Norway is called Survivors and bereaved respond to Breivik’s testimony.

From DPA news agency, about the court case of racist mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik in Norway:

Thursday’s final witness was 20-year-old Mohammed Abdulrahman, who said he saw Breivik gun down a girl who approached him and kicked her. “He then took a smaller weapon and shot her at close range.”

Iraq-born Abdulrahman later jumped into the lake to escape Breivik, despite being a poor swimmer, and got a flashback from a bombing he experienced at his school in Iraq, believing he was about to die.

Unfortunately, Breivik is not the only xenophobe (or the only person giving in cowardly to xenophobes) in the world. Iraqi refugees like Mohammed Abdulrahman are threatened by governments like the Dutch government with deportation to dangerous Iraq.

Today, on the day he testified, Abdulrahman was threatened by e-mail, apparently by a Breivik supporter.

Norwegian TV 2 writes about this (translated):

The threat was very hard on the young man, who previously had dreaded to go to Oslo District Court as a witness.

– It was difficult for him at all to come to Oslo District Court today. It has not made ​​life easier that he is a threatened now.

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