US veterans protest Chicago NATO summit

This video from the USA is called Veterans for Peace White House Civil Disobedience to End War.

From NBC Chicago in the USA:

Chicago: Iraq, Afghanistan War Veterans To Protest NATO

May 8, 2012

Veterans say the intend to return their medals in protest of U.S. and NATO military policy

By Phil Rogers

Among the thousands of protesters who will march and rally in Chicago later this month during the NATO Summit will be dozens of Afghanistan and Iraq war veterans who say the multi-national organization’s military policies are a failure.

So much so that they said they intend to return their medals in protest when their Sunday march reaches McCormick Place.

“We see that the global war on terrorism is a failed policy and we don’t want to be part of that mistake anymore,” said Aaron Hughes, who was part of the original Iraqi invasion in 2003.

Alejandro Villatoro, who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, felt especially compassionate about the people of Afghanistan. He said NATO’s actions have resulted in a loss of trust.

“You don’t win the hearts and minds by doing night raids. It’s an insult to their culture,” said Villatoro.

Both said they’re proud of the men and women with whom they served, but not of missions they were asked to perform.

Hughes said he especially wants to call attention to the medical needs of American servicemen and women who are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or are the victims of sexual assault. He said that too many are not having their needs addressed and instead are often being returned to combat.

“That’s because of the generals and their failed policies, and not because of the service members. That’s why we’re going to march on NATO, and that’s what this is really about. It’s about them acknowledging that they made a mistake,” he said.

NATO Secretary General Anders Rasmussen travels to the United States on Wednesday for talks with President Obama.

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Chicago Police Prepare For NATO Summit With Riot Gear, Sound Cannon: here.

4 thoughts on “US veterans protest Chicago NATO summit

  1. Chicago Sun-Times

    May 10, 2012


    Retire NATO, leave Afghanistan

    As the NATO Summit in Chicago draws near, President Barack Obama should take a good look at what poll after recent poll has stated clearly: Public opinion in this country wants United States and NATO troops home from Afghanistan, sooner rather than later.

    With our country still trying to dig out of the economic crisis and local services being cut, most people feel that we need to stop spending money on war and fund libraries, schools and health care instead.

    The millions being spent to welcome NATO and to curtail protesters from exercising their rights would go a long way to restore mental health clinics and support Chicago Public Schools.

    NATO should be retired, not re-purposed. Its Cold War-era ration­ale has ended, and we shouldn’t continue to funnel human and economic resources toward a military alliance that has outlived its purpose.

    President Obama, the pro-peace majority in this county wants to take a different path.

    Mary Zerkel
    Rogers Park


    NATO Summit Protesters Set Their Sights On Boeing

    May 10, 2012

    NATO Summit Protesters Set Their Sights On Boeing

    Protesters plan to target Boeing during the NATO summit, whose corporate offices are located in the loop along the river. Recently, Boeing erected ten foot high barricades outside its building for what they say is a long term construction project, but protest organizers argue that it might have something to do with their planned actions. They plan to “shut down” Boeing’s offices on May 21.

    Activists are hoping to bring attention to Boeing’s involvement in producing military equipment. Brian Bean, an organizer of the protest, told the Sun-Times, “Boeing doesn’t just make passenger planes — they should be known internationally more for making the F-18, the B2, the Apache helicopter and a whole host of missiles that are largely dropped on mud villages around the world.” He went on to say that Boeing “represents the synthesis of the dual agendas of war and poverty of NATO and the G-8.”

    Boeing Spokesperson John Dern declined to say whether or not employees would work in or out of the office on May 21. He added that the construction project has been planned for months, and the fences will be present until winter. He also said Boeing was “proud to support our military — we support the men and women who are fighting around the world for the United States.”


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