Iraqi refugees fight deportation to death

This is a video about the Iraqi refugees‘ protest camp in Ter Apel, the Netherlands

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

Iraqis set up camp in Ter Apel

Published on 9 May 2012 – 3:16pm

A group of about 50 failed asylum seekers

These Iraqi refugees have not “failed”. The Dutch Rightist government, guilty in the bloody Iraq war as allies of George W Bush; egged on by the xenophobes of Geert Wilders’ PVV, has failed; in human rights.

have set up camp outside the Ter Apel asylum seekers’ registration centre to protest against their planned deportation.

A spokesperson for the group says that central Iraq, where most of the failed asylum seekers are from, is not safe.

The Iraqis want the Dutch immigration and naturalisation service to reconsider their asylum requests and to provide them with adequate shelter.

“The Netherlands offers us a choice between returning to Iraq and living on the streets. We don’t want to go back. Death awaits us there.”

The group has announced it will stay in the tent camp until its demands are met.

See also here.And here. And here.

A leading Roma activist based in Britain is facing extradition to Bulgaria—where his life will be in danger from racists: here.

USA: In his new book, former Secretary of State Colin Powell provides what may be the most authoritative confirmation yet that there was never a considered debate in the George W. Bush White House about whether going to war in Iraq was really a good idea: here.

26 thoughts on “Iraqi refugees fight deportation to death

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  3. Netherlands sees business opportunities in Iraq

    Posted on May 12, 2012

    Minister of Foreign Affairs Uri Rosenthal sees major opportunities in Iraq for Dutch businesses and has discussed this with Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussain al-Shahristani. A Dutch trade delegation comprising companies from the oil and gas and agricultural sectors will be visiting Baghdad, Basra and Erbil from 2 to 8 June.


  4. Refugee camp outside Ter Apel refugee centre gets bigger

    Monday 14 May 2012

    Some 200 people are now thought to be living in the camp which has sprung up outside the Ter Apel refugee centre in Groningen, the Telegraaf said on Monday

    The group is largely made up of Iraqi nationals who are protesting at plans to send them back now the situation in Iraq is said to be safe. Since setting up the camp last week, they have now been joined by a number of Iranian and Somali asylum seekers, the paper said.

    The Iraqi protesters want immigration minister Gerd Leers to re-examine their cases but he has so far said there is nothing he can do. The group, which includes children, is now illegally in the Netherlands, the minister said last week.

    The Iraqi authorities will not cooperate with forced deportations, leaving people who refuse to return in limbo. Failed asylum seekers who do agree to return home are given accommodation while the details are sorted out.

    A spokesman for Ter Apel town council said officials have no plans to intervene because the camp is on refugee centre land.



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