English swan, Scottish Occupy penguin

This video is about mute swans with cygnets.

From weekly Socialist Worker in Britain:

Tue 8 May 2012

What have toffs done to Cambridge swan?

Concern is mounting for a swan that has been moved to a “secret location”—after attacking posh Cambridge University rowers.

The class warrior bird had been launching himself at many of the 2,000 poshos who regularly row on the river, capsizing some of their boats.

The toff rowers even nicknamed it “Mr Asbo” and wrote to the queen to demand it be killed.

Officials say they didn’t get their wish—but suspiciously its current whereabouts remain unknown.

In other bird news, there was humiliation for one Liberal Democrat candidate in Edinburgh when a penguin got more votes than him.

Professor Pongoo, who campaigned dressed in a penguin costume, thrashed Lib Dem Stuart Bridges in the Pentland Hill ward.

But what most media didn’t report was that penguin man Mike Ferrigan says his policies were inspired by Occupy Edinburgh.

He added that others may “talk the talk”, but he can really “walk the walk”.

The Corporate Media’s Attempt to Kill the Occupy Movement. Michael Corcoran and Stephen Maher, Truthout in the USA: “This May Day brought the explosive global resurgence of Occupy, one of the most significant social movement in decades. In New York City, the heart of global capitalism and center of the movement, the New York Civil Liberties Union estimated that 30,000 demonstrators took part in a massive rally and march down Broadway, led by a score of city taxicabs. As has become alarmingly common for a country that constantly proclaims its zealous devotion to democracy, the day ended with brutal police violence and arrests”: here.

Paul Krugman | Britain’s Leaders Force Nation Down Wrong Economic Path. Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: “When David Cameron became prime minister of Britain and announced his austerity plans – buying completely into both the confidence fairy and the invisible bond vigilantes – many were the hosannas, from both sides of the Atlantic. Pundits in the United States urged President Obama to ‘do a Cameron’; Mr. Cameron and George Osborne, the chancellor of the Exchequer, were the toast of Very Serious People everywhere”: here.

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