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  1. Sign the online petition to Drop the Charges Against Carlos Montes! Stop the FBI Frameup! Call Off the Trial NOW!

    Carlos Montes urgently needs your solidarity! Please sign this petition (click here to sign; scroll down to read the text). Share it with your family, friends and co-workers. Signing the petition will generate a direct email to District Attorney Cooley, demanding he drop the charges against Carlos Montes.

    Carlos Montes goes on trial Tuesday, May 15 to Tuesday, May 22, 2012 because District Attorney Steve Cooley is moving forward with the FBI-initiated political prosecution against this long time Chicano leader and anti-war, labor, and immigrant rights activist. Along with the FBI, District Attorney Steve Cooley is attempting to imprison Carlos Montes on charges stemming from 42 years ago.

    Steve Cooley is the official face of political repression, targeting Carlos Montes in an attempt to imprison him for over 5 years. The trial of Carlos Montes is designed to suppress our movements for peace, justice, equality, and freedom. Now is the time for you to show your solidarity! The stakes are high! We can win through solidarity!

    Please sign the petition today.

    Tell Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley to “Drop the charges against Carlos Montes!” Your message will also be sent to President Obama, Attorney General Holder, DOJ Inspector General Fine, the Senate and House Judiciary Committees, Congressional Leaders, U.N. Secy Gen Ban, and members of the media.!
    Initiated by the Committee to Stop FBI Repression stopfbi.net

    Sample petition text:

    To: Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley

    cc: President Barack Obama, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Vice President Biden, DOJ Inspector General Fine, the Senate and House Judiciary Committees, Congressional Leaders, the Congressional Black Caucus, U.N. Secy Gen Ban, and members of the media

    ** Drop All Charges against Carlos Montes and stop the trial NOW!

    Carlos Montes is a long-time Chicano activist in Los Angeles. He is a leader in the anti-war & immigrant rights movements. He plays an important role in the movement against Arizona’s SB1070 and other anti-immigrant laws in the U.S.

    Carlos Montes is facing multiple felony charges because the FBI claims he is a felon in violation of firearm codes. The FBI claim stems from a 1969 student strike for Black, Chicano, and Women’s studies at East L.A. College, where police beat and arrested demonstrators. Carlos was arrested on his way home from the protest, accused of assaulting a sheriff’s deputy (with an empty soda can). This charge was sentenced as a misdemeanor according to a recent court document.

    The prosecution’s case against Carlos Montes is being based on this 42-year-old misdemeanor, disguising it as a bogus felony. Without a past felony, all of the charges Montes is facing, relating to his legally purchased firearms, would be dismissed. Both sides agree that no prison time whatsoever was served in the 1969 incident. The legal process is being driven by something other than the facts of the case. It is political repression.

    Montes is the target of government repression and the FBI’s dirty tricks due to his activism. When the FBI raided several Midwest homes and served subpoenas on September 24, 2010, Carlos Montes’ name was listed on the FBI search warrant for the Anti-War Committee office in Minneapolis – the organizing center to protest the 2008 Republican National Convention, where Carlos participated.

    Eight months after the Midwest raids, on May 17, 2011, the L.A. Sheriffs broke down Carlos’ door, arrested him, and ransacked his home. They took political documents, a computer, cell phones and activist meeting notes having nothing to do with the charges. The FBI attempted to question Montes while he was handcuffed in a squad car, regarding the case of the 23 Midwest anti-war and solidarity activists.

    These actions constitute unconstitutional political repression and suppression of free speech.

    Drop the charges against Carlos Montes. Stop the trial NOW!


    (Your signature will be appended here based on the contact information you enter in the form)

    You can also call Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley at 213-974-3512; President Obama at 202-456-1111 and Attorney General Eric Holder at 202-514-2001 with the message to “Drop the charges against Carlos Montes.”

    Contact the Committee to Stop FBI Repression
    at stopfbi.net

    updated May 4, 2012
    Campaign to Stop FBI Repression of Anit-War Activists

    Sponsored by:
    Committee to Stop FBI Repression

    International Action Center
    c/o Solidarity Center
    55 West 17th St 5C
    New York, NY 10011
    For further information call: (212) 633-6646


    On May 9, thousands from around the country took the streets in Charlotte, NC to confront the Wall Street of the South during the annual Bank of America Shareholders meeting. This powerful collective action was only the first act, now we must fully turn our sights on building an independent peoples voice at the Wall St South during the Democratic National Convention this September. We must turn thousands of voices in the street into tens of thousands. Sign this petition today and tell the power brokers in Charlotte to stop standing in the way of the People’s right to raise their voice and speak their truth!

    CLICK HERE WallStSouth.org/WallStSouthPetition to sign on and send the following petition text and to the Mayor and City Council of Charlotte, the Mecklenburg County Commissioners, President Obama, Attorney General Holder, the Democratic National Convention Committee, and members of the media

    Text of Petition:

    To City of Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx; Charlotte City Council; Mecklenburg County Commissioners

    CC: Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz; President Barack Obama; CEO of Democratic National Convention Steve Kerrigan; the entire Democratic National Convention Committee; Secret Service; NC Governor Beverly Perdue; NC Attorney General Roy Cooper; US Attorney General Eric Holder

    In September 2012, the Democratic National Convention will take place in Charlotte, N.C. Charlotte is home to the second largest concentration of finance capital in the United States, most prominently international headquarters of Bank of America and Wells Fargo’s eastern headquarters. Their role in the recent worldwide economic crisis is well known. During the September 2012 Convention, many people will want to exercise their constitutional right to protest and voice their opposition to the role of banks and corporations on our political process and to raise a real Peoples Agenda for jobs, justice and equality.

    Yet our representatives in city and county government have stonewalled repeated attempts by community organizers to get a permit for a staging area and a march route the Sunday prior to the Democratic National Convention. Simultaneously, the city has moved forward on passing new ordinances that severely restrict free speech and expand the ability of police and security forces to target and profile protesters.

    Our rights to assemble and speak are well established and legally guaranteed. Therefore the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County Commissioners should:

    Commit to provide protest organizers with permits that meet the court-sanctioned standard for such protests — that we be “within sight and sound” of the Convention sites and Bank of America Headquarters on Sunday, September 2, 2012; and
    Immediately repeal any ordinances that will likely result in civil liberties violations, including but not limited to, authorizing police to search backpacks or coolers, a prohibition on public camping, expanded police power to profile or target any person who might be considered to be a protestor or “out of place,” giving them carte blanche to search, detain and/or arrest that person, and
    Make public the permitting process for public parks and march routes the week before, and the week during the convention.

    National nominating conventions have a disgraceful history of repression, mass incarceration, and police brutality against protesters, often fraught with a multitude of wrongful arrest lawsuits in the aftermath. The city should repudiate that reputation by upholding the people’s legitimate right to gather and protest in September. We, the undersigned, therefore call upon you to stop these violations of our constitutional rights by June 1, 2012.

    Initial signers:

    George Friday, Chair, North Carolina Green Party
    John Heuer, Chair of North Carolina Peace Action* and Vice President of the Eisenhower chapter of Veterans for Peace
    Corine Mack, Southern Piedmont Central Labor Council and Charlotte NAACP branch Community Outreach organizer
    Andy Koch, NC Defend Education Coalition
    Minister Tyrone Logan, Lloyd Presbyterian Church, Winston Salem, NC
    Donna Dewitt, President of South Carolina AFL-CIO
    Genaro Lopez, Director, Southwest Workers Union, San Antonio, TX
    Jaribu Hill, Director, Mississippi Workers Center, Southern Human Rights Organizers Network
    Ramsey Clark, Human Rights attorney, former US Attorney General, awarded UN Peace Prize
    Rev. CD Witherspoon, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Baltimore
    Efia Nwangaza, Malcolm X Center for Self-Determination, Greenville, SC
    Armando Robles, President UE Local 1110, Chicago, IL
    Leah Bolger, Veterans For Peace President and Mike Reid, VFP Executive Director
    John Long, Amalgamated Transit Union, Norfolk, VA
    Sara Flounders, International Action Center
    Teresa Gutierrez, co-coordinator of the May 1 Coalition for Workers and Immigrants Rights*
    Leslie Feinberg, co-founder, Rainbow Solidarity for the Cuban Five, Syracuse, NY
    Dave Welsh, Delegate, San Francisco Labor Council
    Jerry Goldberg, Attorney, Moratorium Now! Coalition, Detroit, MI
    Bryan Pfeifer, Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement
    Pam Africa, International Concerned Friends and Family of Mumia Abu-Jamal, Philadelphia, PA
    Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK
    Peter Shell, Pittsburgh Thomas Merton Center Antiwar Committee and UNAC
    Joe Iosbaker, Coalition Against NATO/G8 War and Poverty Agenda and UNAC
    Ralph Poynter, Lynne Stewart Defense Committee and New Abolitionist Movement,* New York
    Mark C. Johnson, Executive Director of Fellowship of Reconciliation
    Minnie Bruce-Pratt, LGBT + activist and author
    Nicholas Camerota, Professor of Philosophy, Springfield Technical Community College, Springfield, Massachusetts*
    * = for identification only

    Academi Watch
    Al-Awda, Charlotte
    Alliance for Global Justice
    Anti-War Committee, Minnesota
    Atlanta International Action Center
    Bail Out People Movement
    Center for Constitutional Rights
    Charlotte Action Center for Justice
    Citizens for Legitimate Government
    Committee to Stop FBI Repression
    Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality, Richmond, VA
    Farm Labor Organizing Committee, AFL-CIO
    Freedom Road Socialist Organization
    Freedom Socialist Party
    Herman@s Orgullosos en Las Americas (HOLA), Asheville, NC
    International Action Center
    International Socialist Organization, Charlotte NC Branch
    Jill Stein for President Campaign
    Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee, North Dakota
    Liberty Tree Foundation for the Democratic Revolution
    May 1 Coalition for Workers and Immigrants Rights
    Michigan Emergency Council Against War and Injustice
    Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAc)
    Moratorium Now! Coalition, Detroit
    MortgageFraud in North Carolina
    MOVE Organization, Philadelphia, PA
    Movimento per la società di giustizia
    NC Triad Jobs with Justice
    Occupy 4 Jobs Network
    Occupy Atlanta
    Occupy Charlotte
    Occupy Democratic Convention
    Occupy Durham
    Occupy NCSU
    Occupy Winston-Salem
    People of Faith CT
    People Not Profit, Cincinnati, OH
    People’s Coalition of the Carolinas
    Queer Liberation Front
    Radical Women
    Raleigh-Durham Fight Imperialism Stand Together (FIST)
    Revolutionary Students Union, Utah
    Socialists of Greater Tampa Bay
    Southern Chrisitan Leadership Conference, Baltimore City Chapter
    Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), UNC Asheville
    Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), UNC Chapel Hill
    Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), NCSU
    United 4 the Dream
    United for Peace and Justice
    United National Antiwar Coalition
    United Steel Workers Local 8751, Boston School Bus Union
    Veterans for Peace
    Wayside Center for Popular Education, Faber, VA
    Winthrop Socialist Student Union, Winthrop State University, Rock Hill, SC
    Workers World Party
    Wisconsin Bail Out People Movement

    CLICK HERE WallStSouth.org/WallStSouthPetition to sign on and send the above petition text and to the Mayor and City Council of Charlotte, the Mecklenburg County Commissioners, President Obama, Attorney General Holder, the Democratic National Convention Committee, and members of the media.

    Go to WallStSouth.org to join the coalition, read the call to action, view endorsements, download flyers, sign up for updates, donate, and get involved!


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