5 thoughts on “United States poverty and health

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  2. Something very twisted is happening – it’s been happening for a long time. But we’re reaching the point where we can’t allow it to continue because it’s putting us all at risk.

    A study out today shows that Americans waste about 40 percent of our food. Try to picture all the food that we grow and import to feed a population over 300 million. Then take 40 percent of it and put it in a big, rotting pile. That pile represents a massive waste of energy, water and time. It also gives off a massive amount of methane, a greenhouse gas more powerful than carbon dioxide.

    How are we able to throw away $165 billion worth of food every year, while, in 2008, 1.29 billion people survived on less than $1.25 per day? Where’s that “efficiency” those who worship at the altar of “free markets” always preach about?

    It turns out, for efficiency, sometimes you have to remove the profit motive. Truthout is a staff of deeply committed people who do this work because we love it – a much more powerful drive than profit.


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