16 thoughts on “Murdoch, resign, British Parliament says

  1. They would have us believe he is some kind of Bond villain like Elliot Carver from Tomorrow Never Dies.In truth he has played them at their own game he has dirt on many powerful people and now he must be silenced.


    • Murdoch hacked phones, computers etc. of many thousands of people: from the British royals to movie actors to politicians to families of dead soldiers to murdered little girls. His empire massively bribed police and other public officials. His media spout racism and war propaganda all over the world. He should spend the rest of his criminal life behind bars.


      • His organisation not him personally, although he must have had some knowledge and therefore should take responsibility for what involvement he had.This case highlights just one thing, it shows just how deep the rabbit hole goes.Corrupt police, politicians and other people of influence.What I am saying is that he is being held up as the sacrificial lamb when he operated in a system that is corrupt they should be looking in to that just as hard as they are pursuing the conviction of Murdoch.


  2. Hi, at the moment there is unfortunately little chance yet of Murdoch having to stand trial. All the Labour and Liberal Democrat majority in the British parliament haver done so far is calling for Murdoch to resign. There also is a problem within the Labour Party of continuing power of supporters of Tony Blair, a Murdoch crony. Some underlings of Murdoch have been arrested for bribing police etc. But so far, the arrests have only involved the organ grinder Murdoch’s monkeys, not the organ grinder himself.

    I agree that the problem is wider than just one individual, Rupert Murdoch.


  3. Accused ex-editor to appeal costs

    PHONE-HACKING: Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson has won permission to appeal against a High Court decision that News Group Newspapers (NGN) does not have to pay his potential legal costs over the phone-hacking affair.

    The Master of the Rolls Lord Neuberger and Lord Justice Laws in the Court of Appeal said that 43-year-old Coulson had an “arguable case” which should go before three judges at a full one-day hearing, for which no date was set.

    Mr Coulson was in court for Tuesday’s decision but made no comment.



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