Bahrain oppression, resistance continue

This video is called In Bahrain, Protests and Police Action – The New York Times.

Bahrain police ‘continue to torture detainees’: here.

Tell Bahrain Police to Stop Beating Detainees: here.

BAHRAIN: Trial of arbitrarily detained Abdulhadi Al Khawaja transferred to a civilian court, concerns remain over his health status: here.

Bahrain: Free Protest Leaders Immediately: here.

Britain’s craven silence over Bahrain stinks of hypocrisy: here.

Bahrain Live Coverage: The Regime Plays for Time: here.

Nabeel Rajab has been described by some as ‘the unofficial leader of the February 14th’ democratic Bahraini movement. He talks to SBS about the ongoing unrest in Bahrain: here.

4 thoughts on “Bahrain oppression, resistance continue

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