Bahrain pro-democracy fight continues

This video is called In Bahrain.Torture in the road before arrest 21-4-2012.

Last week at this time, the Bahraini government was “celebrating” their Formula One race by arresting a British Channel 4 television news crew who attempted to report on conditions in the country. The video here is the report they have now been able to file with footage smuggled out when they were deported.

Bahrain Snap Analysis: The Regime’s Propaganda Struggles: here.

Bahrain announces retrial for hunger striker Khawaja: here.

A Bahrain court ordered retrials on Monday for a prominent hunger striker and 20 others convicted by a military tribunal in crackdowns against the civil rights movement in the Gulf kingdom: here.

The family of leading Bahraini opposition activist Abdulhadi al-khawaja has denounced the decision to retry him and 20 other activists. Khawaja’s daughter Maryam said the retrial is “sad news not good news”: here.

Britain: Crisis for Royals as King of Bahrain Accepts Jubilee Invite: here.

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