Quebec education threatened

This video from Quebec says about itself:

Feminist protest against higher university fees and social cuts at the office of Education minister Line Beauchamp.

No End in Sight for Tuition Hike Dispute Between Quebec’s Government, University Students. Alissa Bohling, Truthout: “Striking students say everyone stands to lose access to education if the hikes are not stopped, and a campaign by students at Quebec’s McGill University, called Tuition Truth, maintains that women, people of color and the poor will be disproportionately affected by rising costs. The Simone de Beauvoir Institute … has supported the strike, and recently pointed to a study that indicates after the fee increase, single mothers would have to set aside 8 percent more of their earnings than two-parent families to pay for one child’s undergraduate degree”: here.

Quebec women’s centres strike in support of students: here.

Quebec scuttles talks with striking students, unveils plan to nearly double tuition fees: here.

Stefan Christoff, “Despite repeated incidents of police brutality, strikingly hostile mainstream media coverage and a sustained refusal by the Quebec Liberal government to negotiate in good faith, popular support and energy toward the strike is growing. Beyond surveys, or poll numbers, the Quebec student strike is historic in nature, a sustained mass protest movement creating political space to debate not only rising tuition fees but also fundamental questions of social justice. A clear shift is occurring on the streets, as protests are now expanding to highlight environmental justice and the growing economic inequities in Quebec at a time of austerity-driven economics”: here.

How did Quebec students mobilize hundreds of thousands for a strike? Here.

The deal signed on Saturday by Quebec’s student associations, under pressure from the provincial Liberal government and the leaders of Quebec’s three major trade union federations, is a betrayal of the students who have fought for the past twelve weeks for the principle that education should be a social right: here.

Quebec’s Liberal government has fiercely defended a savage police attack on striking students that left one student fighting for his life and several other protesters severely injured: here.

Quebec students reject union-promoted sellout of their fight for accessible education: here.

Quebec’s Liberal government has rammed through emergency legislation that criminalizes the fourteen-week long Quebec student strike and places chilling restrictions on the right to demonstrate over any issue: here.

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