31 thoughts on “United States private prison industry

  1. Amazing, right? We’re supposed to be the shining light of freedom and we have more people in prison per capita than any other nation in the world.

  2. Hello friends,

    Anytime you would like a “first hand ” account of how this s SO TRUE. let me know. This country is in the business of prisons and wasting money, seen it personally, unfriggingbelievable.


  3. and now this: Lifelong Sentence for Children… pleae, visit my blog http://www.faktensucher.wordpress.com/ . I put together a lot of information; and, I got some very precious contacts to people who fight against DP, DR and Solitary Cells. We don´t need more “dreamers”, we need people who fight for justice: So many of people executed swared to be innocent. WHY DON´T BELIEVE THE SYSTEM these words?
    We are opening doors – sometimes to hells!

  4. Riot brings havoc to private jail

    UNITED STATES: A prison guard has been killed and several colleagues injured during an inmate uprising at a privately run Mississippi prison.

    Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) employees struggled to bring the disturbance under control with prisoners, mostly undocumented migrants from Mexico, remaining in control of the facility into Sunday evening.

    CCA said that five prison officers had been transported to a local hospital to treat their injuries and one was taken off site.

    It said the unrest had been “contained within the secure perimeter of the facility, with no threat to public safety.”


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    • Hi, thank You for informations! We need a new direction. So many people are in prison, and, what I read today, there are approximately 120.000 prisoners IN DEATH ROWS – waiting for execution or clemeny.
      Darcy sent a tweet: prison-gardeners beath a young, coloured-skin man, to death,
      I think it is too much violence on o n e place together. Too much power, to much violence, too much fear …
      I had an idea: to build little towns with family-groups and social-workers as a sort of
      “open prison”…. a vision…
      Annamaria (is my name)
      Yesterday I posted an article about prisons in UK and how to minimize the damage ….

  6. Friend —

    Think about this. The United States is spending over $200 billion a year on a justice system that locks up more people than any country on earth. We have more prisoners than China. More than Russia. More than anyone. This colossal system is hitting our communities with staggering financial and human costs.

    That’s why we’re launching a major new campaign here at Brave New Foundation — like Rethink Afghanistan, War Costs, Koch Brothers Exposed, Walmart, Outfoxed, and other campaigns we’ve done. It’s called Beyond Bars. Building off our work on Afghanistan and war profiteering, this campaign aims to change Americans’ thinking and inspire action through short videos and shareable graphics exposing the U.S. system of mass incarceration.

    This system is a beast — gobbling up resources that should be going to communities. WATCH THE VIDEO.

    Beyond Bars will investigate corporations that profit off incarceration and politicians that use “tough on crime” rhetoric to scare voters. But we won’t just expose the negative; we’ll also show better ways to achieve public safety: things like prevention, rehabilitation, and job opportunity. Such solutions would save untold billions of dollars every year while making communities safer.

    Will you join this campaign to curb mass incarceration? We want your thoughts, suggestions, and engagement as we begin this multi-year initiative. You can start now by sharing our new video to take a stand for a more just world.

    Robert Greenwald and Jesse Lava

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  15. Sign my petition in support of my Justice is Not for Sale Act and say you’ve had enough of millionaires and billionaires profiting by keeping more and more Americans behind bars.

    Linda –

    Today in America, shamefully, we have more people in jail than any other country on earth. The United States is home to 4.4 percent of the world’s population, and 22 percent of its prisoners.

    A big reason for this is because companies that profit from prisons have spent millions of dollars lobbying for laws that needlessly keep people behind bars for far too long.

    It is our job, in my view, to recreate our criminal justice system. And I believe that we cannot do that as long as corporations are allowed to profit from mass incarceration.

    Today this situation has gotten so out of hand that our prisoners are no longer people — they have simply become ​sources of profit as laborers who work for pennies an hour on behalf of major corporations. Keeping human beings in jail for long periods of time must no longer be an acceptable business model. Our focus should be on treating people with dignity and ensuring they have the resources they need to get back on their feet when they get out. I am glad that President Obama this week ordered the release of nearly 6,000 nonviolent offenders from federal prison, but there is much more to do.

    I have recently introduced legislation that will put an end to for-profit prisons. My bill will bar federal, state, and local governments from contracting with private companies who manage prisons, jails, or detention facilities. And it will require Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to improve their monitoring of detention facilities and eliminate private detention centers within 2 years.

    Now I want to know if you’re willing to fight with me on this issue.

    Sign my petition in support of my Justice is Not for Sale Act and say you’ve had enough of millionaires and billionaires profiting by keeping more and more Americans behind bars.

    The private-for-profit prison racket is a $70 billion industry, and with so much money at stake, it’s not surprising they’ve corrupted our political process.

    The industry has contributed millions of dollars to candidates in pursuit of laws that increase incarceration of nonviolent offenders — a practice that disproportionately impacts people of color in the United States. We must stop the practice of governments guaranteeing prison occupancy as part of deals with private corporations that incentivize states to keep prison cells filled. And we must stop the practice of private companies charging exorbitant rates for prisoners to contact their families by phone — sometimes up to several dollars per minute to talk with loved ones, and charging outrageous service fees to prisoners trying to access their money upon release. That kind of exploitation takes an already difficult family dynamic between husbands, wives, parents and children and strains it even further.

    It is wrong to profit from the imprisonment of human beings and the suffering of their families and friends. It’s time to end this morally repugnant process, and along with it, the era of mass incarceration.

    But my legislation goes even further. It also takes steps to reduce our bloated inmate population by reinstating the federal parole system so that officials can individually assess each prisoner’s risk and chance for rehabilitation. It ends the immigrant detention quota, which requires officials to hold a minimum of 34,000 people captive at any given time. And it would end the detention of immigrant families, many of whom are currently held in privately-owned facilities in Texas and Pennsylvania.

    If we act, not only can we prevent thousands of lives from being destroyed, but we can save billions of taxpayer dollars.

    Join me today.

    Sign my petition in support of my Justice is Not for Sale Act and say you’ve had enough of millionaires and billionaires profiting by keeping more and more Americans behind bars.

    This legislation enjoys a broad coalition of support on both sides of the aisle. And if we stand together and continue to bring attention to this issue, we can put a stop to the abomination of private prisons profiting from human suffering.

    Thank you for standing with me.

    In solidarity,

    Bernie Sanders

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