Moroccans keep fighting for democracy

This video is called Rapper’s Imprisonment Tests Moroccan Reforms.

From Women’s eNews:

Young Moroccans Keep Arab-Spring Spirit Alive

By Juhie Bhatia

WeNews managing editor

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The youth-led Feb. 20 Movement in Morocco has simmered down to a core group that includes many female activists. They’re keeping an eye on constitutional reforms enacted last year that some say didn’t go far enough. “We want real, radical change,” says one.

RABAT, Morocco –Zineb Belmkaddem hadn’t ever given much serious thought to political activism. She didn’t believe she could really change things.

Then came the uprisings in nearby Tunisia.

“I was in awe and shocked that young Arab people can actually do something to change the political scene,” said 27-year-old Belmkaddem in a cafe here earlier this month, wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses and a white hijab. “It was impressive. Then it happened again in Egypt and my shock increased. It was the first time I decided it was worth getting involved.”

The wave of protests sweeping the region soon hit Morocco, and Belmkaddem responded to a YouTube video’s call out for Moroccans to join pro-democracy protests on Feb. 20 last year. Thousands of others from across the country also participated to demand reforms, including checks on the monarch’s power, dignity, social justice, democracy and freedom.

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