More Bahrain oppression

This video is called Torture in the streets of Bahrain.

From Foreign Policy in the USA:

Nine days ago, the courageous Bahraini activist Alaa Shehabi wrote for Foreign Policy about the then sixty-four day hunger strike by Abd al-Hadi al-Khawaja. His death, she warned, “could mark a significant breaking point for the regime’s efforts to rehabilitate its tarnished reputation — and could accelerate the disturbing trend toward militant radicalization in the opposition.” As of today, Khawaja remains thankfully alive. But Bahrain‘s ill-conceived Formula One race event has nevertheless already turned a harsh international spotlight onto the regime’s ongoing repression. And Shehabi, an academic with dual Bahrain-British citizenship whose husband was only recently released after nine months in prison, has been arrested.

In Bahrain, Twitter tells the story of police, protesters and Formula One race: here.

Bahrain GP limps across finish line as lockdown wins the day. Protesting youths burn tyres in streets as organisers go ahead with controversial race: here.

The decision to go ahead with yesterday’s Bahrain Grand Prix brought shame on the sport of Formula One and on its supremo Bernie Ecclestone: here.

Bahrain security forces shot dead an anti-government demonstrator, Salah Abbas Habib Musa, after angry clashes with the police on Friday night: here. And here.

A Channel 4 News crew has been deported from Bahrain after they were arrested while covering the controversial Formula One grand prix: here.

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