British Conservative austerity and its opponents

This video is called The scandal of child poverty in Europe.

Britain: Swingeing government cuts to the welfare system could leave over 350,000 impoverished children without free school meals, a leading charity warned on Thursday: here. And here.

Hundreds of disabled protesters will be massing at two key sites on Friday to fight what has been called the most callous of the government’s savage cuts – shutting Remploy factories: here.

Internal emails leaked to a union have exposed double-dealing by the government in its hypocritical handling of the closure of hundreds of railway ticket offices: here.

Britain’s jobs market emerged tattered and ragged into the harsh economic realities of massive underemployment today – with women bearing the brunt of the dole queue: here.

Nearly a third of mothers go into debt after taking maternity leave and others cut short their time off because they can’t afford to live on the meagre allowance, an alarming new study revealed on Thursday: here.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Pensioners say Labour has disappointed them

Thursday 19 April 2012

by Will Stone in Parliament

Pensioners yelled at shadow chancellor Ed Balls during a meeting in Parliament on Thursday for Labour’s failure to vote reverse changes to upgrade pensions from RPI to CPI.

Sitting alongside One Foot In The Grave star Richard Wilson, who did not speak, and shadow chief secretary to the Treasury Rachel Reeves, Mr Balls attempted to defend Labour’s legacy in light of cruel coalition budget proposals targeting pensioners.

The rally and lobby held by the National Pensioners Convention came ahead of a debate on the Finance Bill and an Opposition amendment to withdraw the “granny tax” – the government’s decision to freeze age related tax allowances.

Ms Reeves said: “This tax raid on pensioners is going to be used to cut the tax for the very wealthy.

“They are putting multi-millionaires first and pensioners second.

“In Parliament today myself and all Labour MPs will be voting against this tax grab,” she added.

But Ms Reeves and Mr Balls were challenged by two pensioners who reminded them that last month only 33 MPs voted to reverse changes which link pensions from Retail Price Index to the lower Consumer Price Index, which will give smaller pension increases each year.

“I don’t believe in Father Christmas,” said Barnet pensioner Dave Shepherd in response to pledges by NPC members to work with Labour to improve policies for pensioners in the future.

NPC London chairman Barry Todman added: “Most people can understand the disillusionment towards MPs if Labour would not commit to reverse this current problem.

“We want some guarantee and only 33 MPs voted to change the uprating of pensions back again to RPI. The Labour Party should be supporting the people. I think that’s an insult.”

Thousands of BBC staff will be balloted for strikes over pay, with unions warning on Thursday of disruption to coverage of the Queen’s diamond jubilee if action goes ahead: here. And here.

In the spending spree to mark the run-up to the queen’s diamond jubilee, a million pound row barge has been launched on the River Thames: here.

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