7 thoughts on “Another Murdoch underling arrested by police

  1. Leveson Inquiry: Murdoch ‘dined with Cameron 12 times’

    Tuesday 24 April 2012

    James Murdoch met David Cameron 12 times while he was leader of the opposition, including four meetings also attended by Rebekah Brooks, the Leveson inquiry heard ion Tuesday.

    The media baron briefly talked to Mr Cameron at a dinner about the removal of Business Secretary Vince Cable’s powers to oversee News Corporation’s bid to take over broadcaster BSkyB.

    Mr Murdoch had drinks with the Tory leader in September 2009 to discuss the Sun’s plans to endorse the Conservative Party at the following year’s general election, the press standards inquiry was told.

    He also met Chancellor George Osborne and Foreign Secretary William Hague during the Tories’ time in opposition. Between June 2006 and January 2010, Mr Murdoch met Mr Cameron eight times for dinner, twice for breakfast, once for lunch and once for drinks.

    Ms Brooks attended meetings between the media boss and the Conservative leader on May 5 2009, November 2 2009, November 19 2009 and January 21 2010.



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