Jail Bush and Blair, Galloway says

This video from Britain is called George Galloway’s “Bradford Spring” speech as he wins by-election.

By Roger Bagley in Parliament in London, England:

Galloway: I’m heading army of the alienated

Monday 16 April 2012

A triumphant George Galloway MP arrived at Parliament on Monday and declared himself herald of a great upsurge of discontent over austerity and foreign wars.

“There is an army massing in the north and in the great industrial and post-industrial cities of this country,” warned the victor of last month’s Bradford West by-election.

“It is an army of alienated, disappointed people who feel that this place has let them down.”

Arm-in-arm with his wife Putri Pertiwi, Mr Galloway was flanked by key workers from his Respect party who helped him achieve a stunning 56 per cent of the vote.

In a surprise move, one of Mr Galloway’s formal sponsors for his Commons swearing-in ceremony was Gerry Sutcliffe, Labour MP for the neighbouring constituency of Bradford South.

The other sponsor was Conservative veteran and father of the house Sir Peter Tapsell, who was praised by Mr Galloway for his opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr Galloway announced his intention to raise the Afghan war at the earliest opportunity in the Commons this week.

He warned that the military situation was “disastrous” and “frankly like the Vietnam war in 1968.”

And he pledged to “break up the consensus” embraced by all three major parties on wars abroad and austerity at home.

Mr Galloway previously served as Respect MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, and Labour MP for two Glasgow constituencies before he was expelled from the party.

“Churchill I believe was the only other person who won six elections in two countries in four different constituencies,” he quipped.

He also noted that since his election victory the Bradford Bulls rugby league team had won four consecutive victories.

And he announced that he would be at a local football match on Saturday to cheer on Bradford City against Macclesfield Town.

Mr Galloway denounced the suspension from Labour of Lord Ahmed of Rotherham after reported demands for legal action against US President Barack Obama and former president George W Bush.

“The suspension of Lord Ahmed indicates that new Labour is on some kind of suicide mission as far as Muslim voters are concerned,” he said.

“Bush and Tony Blair should be on trial and they should be locked up for the rest of their natural lives in the same cell.”

George Galloway’s Respect Party has claimed a major scalp in Bradford by ousting the leader of the council. Labour’s Ian Greenwood lost his Little Horton seat, after three re-counts, to Respect’s Alyas Karmani: here.

Last Friday evening a British MP suffered a vicious assault on a London street. George Galloway, a 61-year-old, six-times-elected politician was beaten up for three minutes by a brutal and determined assailant in broad daylight, and was admitted to hospital as a result: here.

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