Grey plover and greenshank in Portugal

11 April 2012.

After the architecture in Cabanas, the birds.

Greenshank, Cabanas, 11 April 2012

In a tidal marsh near the harbour, a greenshank.

A redshank as well.

Little egret, Cabanas, 11 April 2012

A little egret, coming close enough for photographs.

Then, a grey plover. The Dutch name for this species is “zilverplevier”, silver plover. The English name is more apt for the winter plumage. The Dutch name is more apt for the beautiful summer plumage.

Grey plover and turnstone, Cabanas, 11 April 2012

At 15:55 near Cabanas harbour on the mudflat, a grey plover with transition to summer plumage almost complete. Turnstones and a dunlin are there as well.

9 thoughts on “Grey plover and greenshank in Portugal

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