Portuguese architecture and house martin nests

7 April 2012.

After our morning around the salt pans of Tavira, Portugal, in the afternoon we went to the old town centre and its surroundings.

Tavira is an old town. One of its bridges across the river was originally built in Roman times.

Roman bridge, Tavira, 7 April 2012

Along the Gilão river, Tavira, 7 April 2012

In the river, lesser black-backed gulls swim.

On a tall TV mast are two inhabited white stork nests.

The medieval center is not along the Gilão river, but on a rocky hill above the floodplain.

That old centre has a town wall, a medieval castle and many ancient churches.

Old church, Tavira medieval centre, 7 April 2012

From a tree in a square, a European serin sings.

House martin nests, Tavira, 7 April 2012

There is not only human architecture in Tavira. House martins have built their nests under an old building’s windows.

6 thoughts on “Portuguese architecture and house martin nests

  1. When I saw your picture of the bridge, I recognized the place straight away! We had a family holiday once there when I was little. If you get the chance you should check out the beach a few kilometres east of Tavira, I think it is called Fabrica?


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