Little terns and linnets in Portugal

Sunday, 8 April.

After yesterday, our second full day in Tavira.

This is a video about Ria Formosa Natural Park near Tavira.

The Ria Formosa park is famous for its birdlife.

This morning,near the first salt pan: a crested lark.

Common sandpiper, Tavira, 8 April 2012

A common sandpiper.

Three avocets and two black-winged stilts.

Five dunlins.

In the orchard, European serin singing.

Collared pigeons on a wire.

Near the small pool, a yellow wagtail. In the water, a dunlin.

A hoopoe calls.

Near the muddy creek, three dunlins and a Kentish plover.

Curlew sandpipers, Tavira, 8 April 2012

A mixed flock of dunlins and curlew sandpipers.

A collared pratincole, calling.

Spotted redshank, Tavira, 8 February 2012

A spotted redshank, feeding.

A spoonbill, and a little egret.

Grey plovers.

A turnstone.

Pied wagtail, Tavira, 8 April 2012

Near a ruined salt pan building, a pied wagtail.

A yellow-legged gull stands near a creek.

Two slender-billed gulls flying.

Six bee-eaters flying.

A goldfinch sits down on a flowering plant.

A corn bunting on a wire sings.

In the salt pans near Santa Luzia village, two shelducks swim.

Two black-winged stilts mate.

A flock of dunlins and ringed plovers.

On the bank of the sound separating the continent from Tavira island, fiddler crabs.

On a sandbank, oystercatchers.

A little tern hovers. Then, it dive bombs into the salt marsh water and catches a tiny fish.

A male and a female linnet feeding on a thistle.

As we walk back, a greenfinch in the orchard.

An antlion pitfall in the sandy footpath.

Sanderlings and curlew sandpipers in salt pans close to Tavira.


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