Avocet, curlew sandpiper, flamingo, more Portuguese photos

7 April 2012.

Yesterday, mainly in the salt pans around Tavira, Algarve, Portugal.

Here are some more bird photos, as I promised.

Avocet, Tavira, 7 April 2012

Beautiful avocets are common around Tavira, though we saw them a bit less than their relatives, black-winged stilts.

Curlew sandpiper, Tavira, 7 April 2012

Curlew sandpipers are less common than their slightly smaller relatives dunlins and sanderlings. Around Tavira, we saw quite some curlew sandpipers, often in dunlin or sanderling company.

Little ringed plover, Tavira, 7 Sepember

A little ringed plover, which we saw in the same little pool as a dunlin.

Flamingo, Tavira, 7 April 2012

This greater flamingo stood apart from a big flock in a salt pan.

European goldfinch, Tavira, 7 April

European goldfinches are among the most common songbirds around Tavira.

15 thoughts on “Avocet, curlew sandpiper, flamingo, more Portuguese photos

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