Bee-eaters, flamingoes, Sardinian warblers, Portugal

Saturday 7 April. A time of the year, when many migratory birds arrive from Africa in Portugal.

After yesterday, our first full day in the Algarve, Portugal, in Tavira town.

This is a video about birds near Tavira.

In the town, in the morning, a blackbird singing, like yesterday evening.

A barn swallow, singing on a wire.

Black-winged stilt, Tavira, 7 April 2012

Black-winged stilts in one of many saltpans just outside town.

A goldfinch on a shrub on a parking lot.

A Kentish plover on a small dike between salt pans.

A redshank and a dunlin, together in a salt pan.

A zitting cisticola, flying, singing its monotonous song.

Scores of flamingos flying.

Five bee-eaters on a wire.

A house martin flying.

In an orchard, greenfinch song.

A hoopoe. A great tit.

A Cetti’s warbler sings.

Near a small pool, collared dove. Dunlin and little ringed plover in the shallow water.

A male and a female mallard.

Sardinian warbler, Tavira, Portugal, 7 April 2012

A Sardinian warbler on a bush.

A group of dunlins on a mudflat. A few of them have already signs of their black-bellied summer plumage. A grey plover.

Curlew sandpipers.

A female eider duck.

In the next salt pan, scores of flamingos, and some avocets.

A little egret.

As we walk back, a sanderling near an avocet.

Behind them, on a dyke, a yellow wagtail.

More photos of today will be published later on this blog.

9 thoughts on “Bee-eaters, flamingoes, Sardinian warblers, Portugal

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