Afghan war, also post 2014?

This video from the USA says about itself:

The Afghanistan war‘s enormous cost is at least a “contributing factor” to the economic crisis from which we’re suffering, according to author, historian and ex-military professional Andrew J. Bacevich. While cuts keep coming to social services, the war in Afghanistan keeps devouring our national wealth and costing us jobs.

Had enough? Join us:

At least three US soldiers were killed and several others wounded in a suicide bombing in northern Afghanistan as US and Afghan officials continued talks on a permanent American military presence after 2014: here.

Arianna Huffington: You’d think a ten-and-a-half year war would be a major issue in a presidential campaign — especially a war going as badly as the one in Afghanistan. But our political and media establishments seem to regard being in a constant state of war as simply part of the “new normal” (to go along with over 8 percent unemployment). The first rule of military action should be: do no harm to your own national security. But right now we are doing a lot of harm, losing hearts and minds every day and making our country ultimately less safe as a result. “War is destructive of the human spirit,” military scholar Andrew Bacevich said recently. “War compromises our humanity.” This one is now compromising our humanity, our national security, our standing in the world, and our claim to the moral high ground: here.

Afghan war whistleblower Daniel Davis: ‘I had to speak out – lives are at stake’: here.

Afghanistan’s ‘dancing boys’ are invisible victims: here.

France Out Of Afghanistan This Year If We Win: Socialists: here.

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