Famous New York red-tailed hawk dies, poison?

This video from the USA is called he Legend of Pale Male – Official Trailer.

By Melissa Mayntz in the USA:

Pale Male Loses Mate

April 4, 2012

In late February just before nesting season was to begin, the iconic red-tailed hawk of Central Park, Pale Male, lost his mate Lima. According to the New York Times, Lima’s body was discovered under a tree where she’d been roosting the night before, and she had regurgitated a rat carcass the previous day. Toxicology tests are being done to determine if the rat had been poisoned.

Poisoned prey is one threat raptors face, particularly in urban areas where most of hawks’ typical prey – usually rats and rock pigeons – would be considered vermin. Several other hawks have been found dead in Central Park and Riverside Park recently, lending strength to the idea of poison use that is impacting these carnivores.

Fortunately, Pale Male’s mating days are not necessarily over. While red-tailed hawks do mate for life, once a mate dies, another will take its place. Central Park birders can only hope the poison epidemic does not spread.

Raptor poisoning in Scotland: here.

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