Bahrain dictatorship’s oppression continues

This video is called Independent Commission: Bahrain Tortured Activists in Deadly Crackdown.

From Autoblog:

Demonstrations in Bahrain take fatal turn, spur F1 protests *UPDATE

By Zach Bowman

Posted Apr 2nd 2012 6:00PM

Protesters in Bahrain continue to push for democratic reforms in the country, and police have stepped up a brutal crackdown ahead of the upcoming Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix. Last year, unrest forced F1 to cancel the race, but Bernie Ecclestone, president and CEO of the series, has said that won’t happen in 2012.

Mr Ecclestone is on record as praising Adolf Hitler, so he may not mind dictatorship, whether in Germany then or now in Bahrain.

Protestors have turned their ire against F1 organizers, saying the race belittles the strife and sacrifices of those working toward democracy. In an attempt to quell the demonstrations, plainclothes police have reportedly responded with violence. Crowds have faced tear gas and rubber bullets as well as live rounds. At least one protestor died in the fray.

The movement has rallied around the death. Twitter has played host to a campaign to cancel the race with the hashtags #BloodyF1 and #NoF1 gaining popularity. One video commentator said, “Do not tarnish the reputation of the respected auto sport with the blood of Bahrain victims.”

From CNN:

Bahrain hunger striker’s life in danger, daughter says

From EAWorldView blog:

Bahrain Propaganda Special: Introducing the Regime’s Best Friends in the US Congress

From Index on Censorship:

Authorities ban books at Bahrain International Book Fair

03 Apr 2012

Bahraini authorities banned several books from the country’s international book fair, which was held between 22 March and 1 April. The Press and Publications Directorate, which is affiliated with the Information Affairs Authority, banned and confiscated all copies of the book “Political organisations and societies in Bahrain”, co authored by journalist Abbas Almurshid and human rights defender Abdulhadi AlKhawaja, who is currently on hunger strike. Another book by Almurshid, “Bahrain in the Gulf Gazetteer” was also banned by The Press and Publications Directorate. Other books removed from the fair include the novel “Jazaweyat” by Saudi author Fahad Fatik and “Wahhabism” by Saudi author Miqat AlRajehi.

Bahrain’s government must stop killing its people, and listen to them: here.

Bahrain economy battered from inside and out. Months of turmoil, coupled with the global financial crisis, have hit island’s economy hard: here.

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