Alida Withoos, Dutch 17th century botanical artist

This is a Dutch video about botanical artist Alida Withoos.

Alida Withoos was a late seventeenth century Dutch pioneer in botanical art, a colleague of more famous Maria Sybilla Merian. She was the first artist ever to paint a pineapple in the Netherlands.

Not that much is known about her life. Maybe, she was born in 1661, but that is not certain. Others say 1662.

Being a woman did not help in the male-dominated art world. She had the advantage, like quite some women who did manage to become artists, that her father was a painter and taught her.

In 1701, she married another painter. That might have helped her as well; especially as the couple did not get children, and no one might have claimed with any semblance of reason that her painting supposedly made her a “bad mother”. Nevertheless, for the whole eighteenth century (in which she lived for another 30 years), not any work signed by Ms Withoos is known.

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