14 thoughts on “British Labour, end Blairism or perish

  1. Galloway backs Star

    Sunday 01 April 2012

    by Tony Patey at the Bishopsgate Institute

    New Bradford West MP George Galloway sent a special exclusive message to Saturday’s conference.

    Star political editor John Haylett read out Mr Galloway’s support from the platform and was greeted with loud applause. Here is the message from the victor of the once-safe Labour seat:

    “Political events in the past week have revealed the chasm between the British people and the political elite in thrall to the bankers and the City.

    “We have the spectacle of old Etonian millionaires pretending that they shop regularly at Greggs bakery in a pathetic attempt to connect with working people.

    “In fact, retailers are going under across the country thanks to the sado-monetarism of the Con-Dem coalition.

    “This was all rejected in Bradford on Thursday and so was the treason of Tony Blair’s new Labour. People in Bradford West rejected austerity economics and have told the three old parties that they will no longer be taken for granted.

    “This was a historic by-election in the city where the Independent Labour Party was founded. The national media and the political class are in a state of denial. They cannot believe it.

    “The one paper that can not only believe it but can analyse it and also celebrate the victory of progressive ideas is the Morning Star in which I am delighted to have a monthly column.

    “Good luck with the conference today. Sorry I can’t be there with you. I believe that events this week create possibilities for all of us on the left and the deliberations of your conference will contribute, I’m sure, to that.”


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