US white Christian terrorism suspects freed

This video is called Hutaree Viewed Warily by Other Mich. Militia.

From the World Socialist Web Site in the USA:

Judge dismisses terrorism charges against Michigan militia group

By a reporter

31 March 2012

A federal judge in Detroit dismissed conspiracy and terrorism charges against members of a Christian fundamentalist militia group Tuesday, ruling that federal prosecutors had failed to prove their case. All seven defendants had faced the prospect of life imprisonment if convicted.

Judge Victoria Roberts dismissed all charges against five members of the group, which called itself the Hutaree, and dismissed all but minor weapons possession charges against the group’s founder, David Brian Stone, Sr. and his son Joshua. The two pleaded guilty to those charges Thursday and were sentenced to 41 months and 33 months, respectively, then released on bond. They have been in prison since their arrest in March 2010.

Federal prosecutors arrested a total of nine people after a year-long investigation that included sending an undercover agent and a paid informer into the group, whose members are scattered across rural areas in southern Michigan, northwestern Ohio and northern Indiana.

The prosecution case consisted largely of the testimony of the informer and agent, and hundreds of tape recordings they made, documenting Stone and other Hutaree members discussing the killing of policemen and their families as an eventual possibility. …

The dismissal of the charges is undoubtedly correct from a legal and democratic standpoint. The judge’s action here demonstrates a stark double standard, however.

When similar cases based on government surveillance and entrapment have been brought against Arab-American, African-American or South Asian defendants, as in Newburgh, New York, and North Carolina in recent years, the result has been speedy conviction and long prison terms. There is generally one law for nonwhite Muslims, supposedly in sympathy with Al Qaeda, and another for white Christian fundamentalists, who operate on the fringes of the ultra-right Tea Party and similar elements in the Republican Party.

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