Dunlins and black swan

Thursday 22 March.

To the “Baillon’s crake reserve”.

Along the bicycle tack north of the railway station, many common butterbur flowers.

Near the northern entrance of the reserve: northern lapwings, grey lag geese, Canada geese.

Black-tailed godwits and black-headed gulls, Polders bij Poelgeest, 25 March 2012

Many black-tailed godwits, with some black-headed gulls joining them.


Coot, Polders bij Poelgeest, 25 March 2012

Chiffchaff sound.

Teal males and females.


Mallard drake, Polders bij Poelgeest, 25 March 2012

The inevitable mallards.

A starling on a northern lake islet.

On another island a resting shoveler duck.

A mute swan swims near the little bridge near the railroad.

Tufted ducks. Redshank sound.

At the coniferous bush, a greenfinch sings. And a dunnock.

On the northern meadow: Egyptian and grey lag geese.

Rooks. Jackdaws. A wood pigeon, and many coots. Two Canada geese.

A hare‘s ears just popping out of the grass. A bit further, a group of hares is more visible.

On and near the northern lake muddy island, over a hundred godwits. A common gull. A herring gull. Great cormorants. A redshank walking in the water. A common pochard swimming.

Oystercatchers. Something special: a ruff.

Black swan juvenile, Polders bij Poelgeest, 25 March 2012

Near the bridge linking the southern and northern parts of the reserve, a juvenile black swan swims. Juvenile, as it still has quite some greyish-white feathers.

A great crested grebe, also swimming in the northern lake.

Two magpies sitting on the bridge.

On a grassy northern lake island, three redshanks walking fast. Behind them, two dunlins.

In the southern part, great tit sound.

Gadwall ducks.

A coot swimming with a bit of reed in its bill.

A male reed bunting on a reed stem.

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