Bahraini Dissident Blogger Ali Abdulemam Missing

This video is called Nabeel Rajab of Bahrain Center for Human Rights on His Possible Military Trial for Publishing Photo.

From the Daily Beast in the USA:

Bahraini Dissident Blogger Ali Abdulemam Missing For One Year

Mar 25, 2012 12:00 AM EDT

One year after dissident Ali Abdulemam disappeared, authorities insist he is a fugitive and have tried him in absentia. But the Human Rights Report listed him as a political prisoner. Madison Shimoda reports on the mystery.

One year ago this month, Ali Abdulemam, a champion of free speech in Bahrain, disappeared. In an interview with an Egyptian newspaper shortly before he vanished, he recalled how a police officer had told him, “I’ve been wanting to drink your blood since the 1990s.”

His offense was setting up Bahrain Online, a web forum where, using pseudonyms, ordinary people could post views about the harsh policies of the royal government.

Despite occasional beatings and detainments by state security forces, Abdulemam, a 34-year-old computer engineer, kept the website alive. By the time of his disappearance, it had 50,000 members and was attracting between 300,000 and 400,000 visitors a day.

“For the first time,” says Nabeel Rajab, president of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, Bahrainis “could speak freely about politics without being arrested.”

But government agents hounded Abdulemam, the father of a six-year-old son and one-year-old twin daughters, even as he became known as the “The Blog Father of Bahrain.”

“‘This is for my people,’ Ali told me when we first met,” says Abdulemam’s wife, Jenan Al Oriaibi. “His family used to tease me, saying Ali has another wife called Bahrain Online.”

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