Athens military parade without the people

This video is called Independence Day in Athens, Greece. March 25th 2012.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Athens authorities block city off for parade

Sunday 25 March 2012

Riot police cordoned off streets in central Athens on Sunday to prevent protesters from mobbing the annual military parade for Independence Day.

For the first time most of the march’s route was barred to the public, including Syntagma Square outside parliament where MPs gathered to watch.

Teams were sent out before the parade to strip fruit from the orange trees that line many of the city’s streets, for fear they would be picked and thrown at police, soldiers or MPs.

Ordinarily thousands come out to watch the parade, which marks the start of the war against Ottoman occupation in 1821 – but public fury at the government’s EU-imposed austerity drive meant authorities were reluctant to take chances.

Protester Nikolas Blezas, who with others was driven off Syntagma Square in the morning for shouting “Traitors!” at the president and his entourage, said: “Look what we’ve come to. It’s as if we’re living under who knows what kind of regime.”

See also here.

The official Greek independence day celebrations last Sunday were another disaster for the government: here.

THE Greek Assistant Minister for Public Order M Othonas said on Wednesday morning that the first concentration camp for alleged ‘illegal immigrants’ could be ‘ready to function within 30 to 45 days’: here. And here.

Athens police detained 501 people on Friday in an operation authorities say will be repeated “on a daily basis” to combat undocumented migrants and illicit trade: here.

Greek government plans to intern ill migrants: here.

Judging by the content of the debate in Greece over the past few days, one might think that the most pressing issue facing the country ahead of the upcoming general elections is illegal immigration rather than the economy. The two coalition partners, New Democracy and PASOK, have attempted to outdo each other by trying to appear determined to tackle a matter that is gaining relevance as a result of the crisis: here.

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