12 thoughts on “Kenyan air force kills Somali civilians

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  3. Somalia: Kenya’s Naval Forces Shell Kismayo

    29 May 2012

    Kismayo, Somalia — Kenya’s military stated that its naval forces shelled the stronghold of Kismayo, Radio Garowe reports.

    The Kenyan military spokesman Cyrus Oguna, who spoke to VOA, said that his forces had shelled the port city of Kismayo after Al Shabaab militants fired on Kenyan warships patrolling the Somali coast.

    This is the first shelling by a Kenyan warship on Kismayo, whose coast is regularly patrolled by Kenyan warships.

    Local sources in Kismayo say that heavy artillery from the Kenyan warship was fired in the early hours of Tuesday injuring some residents.

    According to local sources a young boy and his mother were injured after a shell hit their home early Tuesday morning.

    Kenyan forces fighting Al Shabaab in southern Somalia have made little advancements in the past 7 months fighting in Somalia.

    It is unclear if it is in Kenya’s strategy to attack the port city on the coast as well on ground. Ethiopia has stated that it is ready to assist Kenya and the TFG in their fight to capture Kismayo.



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  6. Shabelle Media Network (Mogadishu)

    Somalia: MP Slams Kenyan Air Attacks in Somalia

    15 July 2012

    Mogadishu — A lawmaker in Somalia’s parliament has strongly condemned Kenya’s air raids inside Somali territory, a day after Kenyan fighter jets carried out a deadly aerial attacks in Gedo region, west of Somalia.

    Mohamed Omar Geedi, the MP said during an interview with Shabelle Media that it will not be tolerable that Kenyan military to continue their air raids and kill innocent civilians of Somalia.

    “We spoke out in several times over the Kenyan attacks against Al shabab fighters. During the attacks many civilians, mostly herds were killed and others seriously hurt. I call upon Kenyan government to avoid civilian casualties as it carries out shelling against rebel-held villages in south and west of Somalia,” he added.

    Kenya has in the previous carried out more air strikes in the border region between Somali and Kenya controlled by Al Qaeda linked Somali based Al shabab militants, killing local people, mainly IDPs.



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