Occupy Wall Street spied upon

The Alyona Show, RT America: “Newly released documents show that the Department of Homeland Security closely monitored the Occupy Wall Street movement, but also shows that they were concerned about crossing the line and unconstitutional surveillance. Truthout was the first organization to file a Freedom of Information Act request with DHS on the matter, and so they’re the first to get hundreds of pages of internal documents. Truthout’s Jason Leopold discusses”.

The Occupy Files: DHS Investigated Anonymous and Kept Tabs on Political Hackers. Mike Ludwig, Truthout: “Protesters wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and maybe a black hat or cape have been a common sight at Occupy protests across the country. On the street, they were just another group of protesters, but on the Internet, the Anonymous hacker movement they represent was seen as a serious security threat during the first few months of Occupy, according to internal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) documents and emails released to Truthout last week”: here.

The American Spring: A Time for Occupy to Blossom: here.

Injured Occupy Protester Scott Olsen Files Claim Against Oakland: here.

Veterans Peace Team Joins Occupy Wall Street. JA Myerson, Truthout: “Formed four months ago, the Peace Team aims to muster enough of a presence to present a first line between protesters and police officers at demonstrations like today’s. ‘We are hoping our message about nonviolence will prevail on the police (and any occupiers who are a little bit gaga),’ says Jay Wenk of the 90th infantry division of Patton’s Army”: here.

Lawsuit: CIA Withholds Documents Using Legal Exemption It Does Not Have Authority to Apply: here.

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