9 thoughts on “Portuguese workers fight for their rights

  1. Some 15,000 demonstrate against sheltered workplace cuts

    Thursday 22 March 2012

    Some 15,000 people gathered close to parliament in The Hague on Thursday to protest at government plans to reduce spending on sheltered workplace schemes for the handicapped.

    The government is planning to transfer responsibility for sheltered work schemes to local authorities and merge funding with the special incapacity benefit for youngsters.

    Some 100,000 people currently do paid work in special centres for the handicapped, but the government wants to cut that total to 30,000.


  2. Kenny wants EU referendum

    IRELAND: Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny says his government will announce a date for Ireland’s referendum on the European Union fiscal treaty on Tuesday.

    The treaty lays down new neoliberal spending and deficit rules for members of the 17-country group that use the euro as their currency.

    The pact will become law next year if at least 12 of the 17 eurozone governments manage to approve it through the national parliaments.

    Ireland is the only member requiring a national vote.


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